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Zihro Plastic

Dive Zihua is happy to announce we are doing our part to eliminate single use plastics in the waste stream and our oceans. We will continue to provide refreshments and snacks on board during our scuba diving trips but we are changing our ways to do it. Instead of plastic bottles, we now have reusable stainless steel cups and will offer you fruits or snacks that do not require plastic wrapping. Dive Zihua was inspired to follow the example of Zihro Plastic, a non profit organization in Zihuatanejo that is working in our community to introduce eco-friendly alternatives to plastics in our daily lives

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Online Booking

We have some exciting news for those of you that want to use your credit cards to pay for your dives. We now have available an easy and safe way to use your Mastercard or VISA. You can either make a reservation / booking from the comfort of your own home / hotel using the PAYPAL paying system through the following email ([email protected]), or paying with your credit card on our shop with a card reader.

An easy, safe and hassle free way to make your payments.

*Mexico tax is included on prices. Credit card company fees will be added to final price.

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You can visit this website that has a lot of info about Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa.