Dive Zihua Staff

Dive Zihuatanejo

Maude Jette

Maude is the new owner of Dive Zihua. She is from Montreal (Canada), has always loved playing in the water but has officially started diving in 2003. From wreck diving in Canadian waters to meeting face to face with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands, she believes scuba diving to be one of the most rewarding activities you can do. Maude also studied marine biology and has worked with different marine animals, mostly elasmobranchs (aka sharks and rays). She is passionate about conservation, and therefore is involved in different projects. Maude speaks French, English and she is working on her Spanish.

Angel Vazquez

Our boat is literally piloted by an Angel. Our wonderful captain will be happy to welcome you on board. Angel started working in recreational diving in 2000, he is trained as a snorkel guide and has been a captain since 2008. He has developed a great knowledge of the area and the best places for diving. His love for the sea also makes him involved in conservation projects in Zihuatanejo.


Our precious little mascot. She is still a baby for now but you might see her at the shop ready for a belly rub.