Scuba Diving Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo is small fishing village in the Mexican Pacific Ocean coast. Its surrounded by mountains and it has a pleasant climate averaging temperatures of 28°C / 82F all year round. Its unbelievably beautiful. The golden beaches with soft waves and its picturesqueness are what invites people to come and relax and have fun.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers ecotourism activities such as the release of endangered turtle hatchlings, as well as the observation of crocodiles, iguanas and birds in the mangroves. There are kayak tours and you can also go surfing, one of the best places to practice this sport thanks to its excellent waves is la Saladita or Troncones where surfing tournaments are held.

The hotel zone features from first-class amenities to more affordable hotels, where you will find many different water activities for everyone promising lots of fun, adventure. The people are especially kind and they will make your stay even more pleasant. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has ecological reserves, Eco-parks, you can go hiking in the forest or go to Majahua cave to see the geological formations.

And in end of the day you can visit some of the local restaurants and bars and enjoy the bohemian scene or go party in the big clubs and dance halls in Ixtapa until dawn. Its cuisine with its excellent seafood is highly regarded by local and foreign tourists and you cannot miss the traditional recipes such as the famous grilled fish “talla”, the pozole or the tiritas/ceviche.

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The town of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is very safe. The crime rate is very low, and you always feel safe walking the streets even at night. Taxis are cheap, safe so you can move in between places with ease.

Scuba diving enthusiasts there are several places with different depths ranging from 5m/15ft to 30m/100ft with coral reefs and some pelagic dives and swim throughs where different marine species live such as dolphins, whales, whale-sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, nudibranchs, sea horses, frog fish, octopi, moray eels, turtles and sharks.

Some of the best sites for Scuba Diving in Zihuatanejo:

La Piedra Solitária *** turtles/eagle rays/sea horses/moray eels/octupi/schools of fish and pelagic sea creatures like the occasional whale-shark…
El Faro ***
Caleta de Chon * Coral, turtles, sea horses, sand sting rays
El Pango ** Old broken wreck/canyons/eagle rays/turtles
Godornia ** Very broken boat wreck/swim throughs/big rocks/walls
Punta Esteban ***
Cactus **
El Yunque **
Palmitas **
Manzanillo * Novice dive site/snorkelers/great coral
Morro Bravo **
Morro del Tigre **
Bajo de Arturo ** Amazing canyons and pools
Special trip – Morros de Potosi *** Chance to see turtles (99%)/shark/eagle rays/ manta ray/big schools of fish…

Some of the best dive sites in Ixtapa are:

Sacramento A/B ***
Bajo de Jaime ***
Bajo Perdido ***
Bajo Seco ***
Torresillas ***
Bajo del Chato *
Zacatoso *
Bajo Punta Ixtapa **

* Easy