Become an Open Water Scuba Diver

Become an Open Water Scuba Diver

Open Water Diver Certifications

Hey you! Have you ever wonder what’s down there at 10m/32f, 20m/65f, 30m/98f. Have you ever wonder what breathing underwater feel like?

If you are curious about what is going on under the surface you probably already considered taking a open water scuba diving course. The things you will be able to see down there will blow your mind away! With this post, Dive Zihua will try to show you what an incredible adventure you will start by choosing to get certified. You can also show this to a friend you wish would become your new dive buddy!

What is Scuba Diving?

Let me start with this simple question. The dictionary will tell you that scuba diving is actually the sport or pastime to swim underwater using scuba gear. If we dig a little deeper; scuba is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which is the equipment that allows you to breathe underwater. It is totally independent from surface supply which allows you long time immersion and greater freedom underwater.

Open Water Diver Course

The OWD course is where everything starts in your journey as a scuba diver. This course is made for beginners with little or no experience with scuba diving. Open water stands for the fact that this course allows you to practice scuba diving in an open environment where you have direct access to the surface. It is built to learn the basics of scuba in a fun and exciting way.

When you decide to do the course this is what you should expect to be doing.


I am sorry but yes! It is a course so you do need to do your little homework. For this, there is 2 options. You can get the manual or the PADI elearning. The PADI elearning is an interactive online version of the book that allows you to study before going to your dive destination and even includes the exam. The manual will take a few hours to reed and contains quizzes and knowledge reviews you need to complete. At the end you will need to pass an exam at the dive shop.

Confined water sessions

Depending where you decide to do your course, you will start in a pool or in what we call confined water. Confined water means a pool-like environment that allows you to practice your new skills safely almost like in a pool but in a natural surroundings. The confined water part of the course can be done in a few short sessions or with only one. With Dive Zihua we normally do one session where we practice all the skills at once.

We start by showing you the dive gear, how it works and how to assemble it. Then the fun starts! We get in the water and we go down! At first it is all about getting comfortable breathing underwater. Then you will have to practice some skills you will need to perform again in the open water part of the course. The instructor will demonstrate first then it is your turn. You will learn to take water out of your mask, buoyancy control and what to do in an emergency for example. Take your time no stress, no rush you are here to learn and to do well. Every diver had to start where you are and some skills can be more tricky for some and it is absolutely normal. After the underwater part you will do some skills at the surface and then learn how to disassemble the equipment.

Open water sessions

The open water sessions are all about exploring and getting use to scuba diving. To complete your course you need to do 4 open water dives split in 2 days. During those dives, you will perform the skills you’ve learned with the only difference that this time the instructor won’t demonstrate before, unless you need some help of course. Because we want you to have fun, the skills are spread during the 4 dives so you can also have the best time enjoying the underwater world.

Scuba diving is amazing and will bring you lots in your life. It is a fun way to meet new people, challenge yourself and explore new places. Remember that earth is 71% water so the playground just got a little bigger!

I still remember my first open water dive 16 years ago and I am sure you will remember yours as well. I got hook on my first dive and still enjoy it maybe even more today!

If you have any questions about the open water course or any courses we would be happy to help you. Send us an email or call us we are happy to help. Pass by the shop we love visitors!

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See you soon!


Owner, Instructor and Marine biologist at Dive Zihua

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